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VOXX Electronics Begins Shipping All New Gentex HomeLink Connect System


HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK – AUGUST 15, 2019 -–VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), announced today it is now shipping the new Gentex frameless rear-view mirror (ADVGENFLCHLN) that includes a Bluetooth-enabled automatic-dimming mirror with integrated buttons that can be programmed to Voxxoperate a myriad of radio frequency and cloud-based home automation devices.


“VOXX Electronics is proud to bring this exciting new technology from Gentex to the aftermarket.  Cloud-based device operation is made possible by HomeLink Connect, Gentex’s new home automation app, that users can configure to control their existing home automation devices. Once configured, the user’s phone/app pairs with the HomeLink buttons in the mirror via Bluetooth, allowing users to activate their devices without needing to fumble with their phone.

The introduction of this product rounds out the suite of the Homelink product line and falls right in line with many use cases today’s consumers are looking for in vehicle to home automation” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation.  “This innovative new solution eliminates the need for drivers to fumble around for their phone or multiple apps to control IoT devices, and its’ available now from VOXX.”

The ADVGENFLCHLN includes the following features:

  • AUTO-DIMMING: Automatically darkens to eliminate glare
  • FRAMELESS DESIGN: Enhanced aesthetics to complement any vehicle interior
  • CAR-TO-HOME AUTOMATION: Control garage doors, gates, home lighting, and more
  • INTEGRATED HOMELINK 5: 99% compatibility with garage door openers and security gates
  • Control individual devices or create entire “departure” or “arrival” scenes
  • Available for North America (US and Canada)

The new Bluetooth-enabled HomeLink mirror will retail at $299.99 through VOXX. The compatible HomeLink Connect app is available for iOS and Android by searching for HomeLink Connect in the App Store/Google Play. First-year app use is free with an annual renewal rate of $1.99 thereafter.

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